Smarter, streamlined solar

Searching for a simple solar solution that won’t damage the  roof?

Protect your roof, power your home

Z-Rack gives all the benefits of solar, no drilling required

Traditional solar installations require you to make a compromise: risk the structural integrity of your home in order to enjoy the benefits of solar power. Holes, leaks and weakened roofs, Z-Rack has eliminated these common issues with their patented counterbalance system.

Best service in the industry. Reliable, effective and will get the job done to exceed expectation"
Bruce |    CUSTOMER
Extremely happy with the quality"
Mike    |    CUSTOMER
Installs on shingle, wood shake, metal tile, and corrugated metal roofs.
Wind tunnel tested at speeds up to 170MPH
Performs even under extremely heavy snow loads


Solar power.
No holes required.

Streamline your energy usage while you protect and preserve the home. Z-Rack’s cutting-edge counterbalance system uses the same technology as a spoiler on an F1 race car. Designed to stay securely attached using only gravity, it’s the most elegant, secure and non-invasive solution for sloped roofs.

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Proprietary technology designed with unmatched ingenuity. The Z-Rack downforce system has been wind tunnel tested to stay in firmly place, even amid wind speeds of up to 170 MPH and extreme snow loads.

Self-starter? Looking to design your own zero penetration solar system?

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