Brilliant solar technology.
Simple solutions.

With Z-Solar Solutions’ revolutionary racking systems, harness the power of solar without any holes. No drilling is required. Differentiate yourself and offer a superior product to your customers. Partner with SolarPod! We work with you to deliver world-class installation services and better customer experiences. Contact us today for more information.
for Sloped Roofs

Revolutionary solar solutions for sloped and gable roofs. Using a patented counterbalance system, Z-Rack is the first and only racking system that doesn’t require drilling into your roof.

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for Flat Roofs

Superior solar technology for flat roofs. Z-Lite’s patented installation system offers a streamlined footprint, added energy efficiency and helps preserve the structural integrity of your roof.

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Z-Rack is the patented solution that preserves your home. The cutting-edge counterbalance system is designed to stay securely attached to the roof using only gravity, even in extreme wind and snow.
Contractors and installers

Streamline your business with Z-Solutions

Save Time, Save Money

Shorter installation times mean lower costs for you. Z-Rack and Z-Lite’s smarter, simplified solar racking systems mean a faster install for you and your crew, which can reduce installation costs by up to 30%.

For All Roof Types

Easy, affordable solutions for any roof type. Z-Rack installs on shingle, metal, tile, wood or any other sloped roof without piercing the surface. Z-Lite for flat roof installations eliminates traditional concrete ballast structures, removing the majority of the weight burden.

No Leaks, No Damage

By eliminating the need to drill holes in the roof structure, Z-Solutions can offer a completely safe, sound, non-invasive solar system. Traditional systems risk damage and leaks during installation, but Z-Rack and Z-Lite leave the roof’s structural integrity in tact.