Lighter, brighter, better

Is the search for a flat roof solar system weighing you down?

Lose the weight, not the power

It’s time to lighten your energy load with Z-Lite

Typical flat roof solar installations require heavy concrete ballast systems that degrade your roof structure and trap heat, decreasing the building’s energy efficiency. Z-Lite’s revolutionary system eliminates these issues, lightening the load on your flat roof.

The entire project went flawlessly. Highly recommended for anyone looking to install solar panels on their house or business."
Tim Boser    |    CUSTOMER
Our electric bill has gone down significantly and we are even getting some money back from the utility company for what we generate. Really happy with our experience with SolarPod!"
James Kwon    |    CUSTOMER
Eliminates the need for 90% of the traditional concrete ballast structure
Ballasts weigh only 4.5 lbs per sq foot (45% less than most ballasted systems)
Elevated system improves airflow and circulation to decrease building heat retention 


Solar power.
Without the weight.

Many buildings have been ineligible for solar power installation because they cannot accommodate the substantial weight requirement demanded by traditional flat roof ballast systems. Until now. Z-Lite’s innovative installation technology has changed everything with their innovative, streamlined system.

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Lighter and more energy efficient than conventional ballasted systems, Z-Lite helps decrease the overall footprint, reduce excess heat retention, and maintain the structural integrity of the roof.

Self-starter? Looking to design your own zero penetration solar system?

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